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I declared that My Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior, my Deliverer. Lord God Jesus, I believe you paid the price for my sins and shame, when you went to the cross on my behalf. My lord Jesus, I pray that your blood wash over my mind, my body and my spirit to make me clean. Renew in me a pure thought life. I come to you, to ask you for healing from lust, perverse spirits, and demonic attachments of incubus and succubus spirits. I take responsibility for the things I have done, the things I have allowed, and even things that have been done to me against my will. Right now I forgive everyone and everybody, so that I can also have my own sins forgiven as well, and I ask You my lord Jesus to empower me to do so. As a matter of my will I choose to forgive them, and ask that You Father God, in the name of my lord and savior Jesus Christ, give me grace and strength, to not take this offense back into my heart. I ask that You lord Jesus, to heal those that have perpetrated sins against me, and set us free from the perversity, and sin that has had us bound. Lord Jesus, I give myself to You, and ask that You forgive my sins. Please forgive the sins of my family and ancestors as well. Forgive all the ways that we all rejected You, and rebelled against your ways, and exerted our independence from You. Please forgive our idolatry, witchcraft, involvement with the occult, shedding innocent blood, broken vows and covenants. Forgive the many things we have done to deny Your Lordship. Let Your holy blood cover and wash our sins, I pray. Be Lord of my life. I take You lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, God, Master, Friend, and Lord. I will not have any other gods besides You. I make a covenant with You lord Jesus. Help me to be faithful to You. Thank you, Father God, for accepting me and adopting me into your holy kingdom.

And regarding you Satan and your demons, you are not my partner or my master. I renounce you. I divorce you. I want nothing to do with you ever again. I reject your seed and your lies. I reject, refuse, renounce, and divorce all unclean demonic spirits of perversity, including incubus, mare, and succubus spirits, spirits of lust, pornography, pedophilia, voyeurism, domination, brutality, confusion, gender confusion, astral projection and spirit travel, mischievous and trouble-making spirits, spirits of double-mindedness, unbelief, sodomy, anger, rage, bitterness, unforgiveness, witchcraft, lust, idolatry, hardheartedness, accusation, familiar and familial spirits, pride, rebellion, and death. I renounce and divorce Lilu and Lilith, and all the offspring that comes from Satan and his demons. If there is anything of Satan's seed implanted within me, I command it to be destroyed and die immediately, in the name and authority of my lord God Jesus Christ. I repent for any ways that I have knowingly, or unknowingly come into agreement with these evil spirits, and I humbly submit myself to my Lord Jesus Christ and the authority of His Holy Spirit, in the name of my lord God and savior Jesus Christ, amen.