How can you Save your International Shipments?

How can you Save your Most of your International Shipments?

When you need to ship a parcel to a destination outside of France, you will find that fares can go up quickly. In addition, if the country does not belong to the EU, the formalities can become complicated and it is very important to take into account some essential points that you should not neglect, especially if your goods go through customs.

Each country has its own regulations and processes, as well as certain requirements in terms of size, weight or type of product. And as for the price, fares vary greatly depending on the shipping method , the means of transport or the guarantees with which you want to protect your package.

All of these factors make the costs of time and money increase exponentially, especially if you do not prepare your shipment with the necessary notice. Therefore, in order to save on international shipments , it will be necessary to look for effective alternatives that will really help us.

The best way to reduce the costs of these shipments is to negotiate with the carriers to get better prices. But of course, if you only want to perform a specific procedure or send a small amount, it will be difficult to get good rates because you will apply the general procedure.

To solve this problem and save on our international shipments, it is important that you rely on platforms that offer a shipping comparator . Thanks to the fact that they work with huge volumes, their ability to negotiate with courier companies is greater and they can offer you significant discounts.

You will find on Packlink one of the most complete search engines of expedition, where you will have at your disposal very competitive prices. The reason is that this platform negotiates with the major transport companies to offer the best rates in the courier services.

Thanks to the high volume of shipments they make, you will find discounts of up to 70% for international destinations . And they are so sure of their conditions that they offer you the opportunity to return the difference in price if, after sending a package via, you find a lower price.

In this way, you will be able to process your shipment more economically with the major international shipping companies , such as TNT, UPS, DHL or any other carrier on their list. They will pick up and deliver the parcel to the place of your choice so that you do not have to worry about anything.

If the country of destination of your package is in the EU, the formalities are simple and you do not have to take into account much more details, it is almost as if you had done in France. But if your shipment is shipped to countries outside the European Union, they will have to go through customs and, therefore, follow a series of procedures and provide certain documents.

Read these tips to help you save time when preparing your international shipment:

The first thing you need to do is the "packing list", a list that should detail each of the items included in your package. This is a mandatory procedure and you will need to pay special attention to it. Take a look at the recommendations to prepare your "packing list" and you will see the documentation that you will have to provide with your merchandise.

Preparing your shipment is essential. This is a process that begins with the calculation of the weight and dimensions of your package, because depending on these, the price varies.

A suitable packaging is also important to protect your goods shocks. Make sure your items are properly packaged, marked and protected with enough padding and reinforcement material to prevent any damage along the way. This way, you will avoid unnecessary fears.

It is not possible to send any type of product, as there are some restrictions in this regard. If your shipment contains goods that are not authorized, the shipment will not be covered by insurance

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